I Am Human

13 avril 2020 16 h 37 min
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I Am Human :

In the 1960’s, going to the moon captured humanity’s ambition and imagination. Now, more than fifty years later, the next great frontier that will define humanity — is inside ourselves. Meet several of the world’s first « cyborgs » — a tetraplegic, a blind man, an artist with Parkinson’s — and the scientists and entrepreneurs on a quest to unlock the secrets of the brain. As these pioneers grapple with the unique opportunities of advanced brain technology, we’re forced to reconcile with the larger implications: will the same technologies that heal the sick allow us to develop super human abilities, communicate telepathically, and enhance our own cognition? I Am Human is the story of a quiet revolution defining the future of humanity. As we march down a new evolutionary path, age old questions take on a new twist: Who are we? What might we become? And, perhaps most importantly, are we ready?

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